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Monthly Archives: March 2014

The color of 2015 seconds Pantone: The Marsala!

Hello girls!I Is ending the year of Radiant Orchid and is about to begin … the year of Marsala! No, I swear that the scallops have nothing to do: Marsala is the color that Pantone has chosen “Color of the Year” for 2015. And, I

10 mistakes that make you look aged !

Hello girls! Did you happen to find yourself in a traumatic situation in which there is given a few more years? And tell me what you thought “Oh my God I’m getting old! we will exit out a wrinkle !? Heck, We knew that I

Coolspotting: the muse of Chanel N ‘5

Hello girls !! Hands up who has never smelled, at least in the store, with a tester of Chanel No 5, the perfume that changed everything in the world of perfumery. Chanel No 5 is more than a fragrance (actually many its strong fragrance and