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The 10 most common mistakes of the routine evening and night

Hello beauties!

As you may have guessed from the title of today’s post we continue our hunt error, focusing on the evening routine, ie on customs before bedtime, and on that night, and soon We will devote even the crucial phase of structuralist.


In the post on the errors of skincare last week We mentioned the possibility of doing this focus, because the routine that you follow before going to sleep and the way in which you sleep can have an impact on the health and beauty of our skin , which deserves further investigation.

While we rest, in fact, our skin is more active than ever, as it uses just the night to implement the process of cell regeneration: at night “auro-repair” the damage suffered during the day and replace at least partly dead cells. No coincidence there are specific products for the night, other than for the day, which are designed precisely to promote the renewal and cellular repair. Furthermore, our skin is more receptive to treatment, as it is not exposed to the sun and is not made-up (or at least hopefully … Birbantelle that you are nothing!).


I chose to bring in this post a series of mistakes, oversights and carelessness rather common and easily avoidable, while I have not voluntarily entered those related creams, creams, serums, eye etc. because all your “curiosity creamy” will be met soon as Loretta, the expert in skincare that I met at the Spa Hotel Baglioni Milan

Ready? Departure and viaa …

1) DO NOT WASH YOUR FACE OR Makeup remover

The first error, rather HORROR, is to to skip this crucial step.


..not tell us go to sleep … or so you banno eheheheh:-)

I know, I’ve repeated to exhaustion (and continue to do so, stay certain heheh:-)), but no matter how boring, when you are tired, sleepy, after a day of work or a night at the club, the makeup should be removed and the skin should be left free to breathe, as it needs freshness and oxygen. Incidentally Makeup remover is not just remove makeup, but also fight the impurities, the “dirty” deposited on the skin because all contaminants with which it came into contact in the course of the day: if you do not dirt, fine dust etc. would risk occluding the pores and increase the imperfections, as well as to accelerate aging and increase the free radicals. For this, you should wash your face even if you have not used the makeup … imagine if you took!

This is a Korean girl of 20 years, since whose skin shows, according to experts, twice his age: 40 years! And do you know why? Why you are not make-up for years and years: every morning makeup retouched the previous day! Yes, I know, is an extreme case (a raving mad I would say!), But maybe think about it every time you are going to put you to bed without having done the “homework” eheheheh:-)

Obviously, the error is not only to non Makeup remover, but also in the make-up off evil: the various errors that can be committed during the removal of the makeup in this post I will not, but go into the issue in the near future!


An oversight that can have very deleterious effects is to allow the hair, especially if not cleaned, to stay in contact with our skin all night! In fact, the sebum on our hair could “walk” and penetrate our skin, occluding the pores! But the same could happen if you have washed your hair before going to bed: in this case is the balm (or other products types creams or masks), if used in excess and not absorbed well, to risk occlude the pores!


So it queues and braids … or you can overcome this problem by using the night to make the fold without going to the hairdresser: the tricks can be found in this post!

The method dubbed “curlers-candy”



As you know drinking is critical to the health of our entire body, and, for what concerns us here, it is essential to hydrate the skin and make it appear more beautiful when raised.


Dehydration gradually causes the skin wrinkled, turned off, while the water makes it very bright! Indeed, it is essential in the process of cell renewal night: the level of hydration of the body rebalances itself while we sleep, and the skin is not likely dehydration … If you do not drink enough during the day is likely swelling, dryness, fine lines.


If drinking water is essential for our skin, it is equally important not to exaggerate with alcoholic drinks!

I do not want the moralist: I know, from personal experience, that there are situations where you do the small hours and a few too many drinks we can run away … but at the same time I can not conceal that your skin will thank you for sure !

When you overdo it with alcohol, in fact, our sleep is more disturbed (even if you do not notice) and the skin is affected in terms of brightness: studies have shown that alcohol disrupts the REM stage, which is that in which our body is resting more; consequently goes to affect the ability of our body to renew the skin. There are other consequences: alcohol triggers the release of cortisol (also called “stress hormone”), which not only means a loss of collagen, but also makes us wake up several times in the middle of the night, resulting in distorted face morning!


Hands up who does not like midnight snacks! ?? !! If you could own it would raise our skin!

It Cornett one to the morning … but not under the cover !!

Go to bed with a full stomach, without having digested, definitely not the healthiest way to sleep and therefore it is not even a way to wake up to a beautiful skin!

… And now I have to give bad news to lovers of sweets, pizza, pasta (ie all heheh): Some studies have shown that sugars and carbohydrates disturb REM; therefore it would be good not to overdo it and avoid them in the evening! What say we want to believe it or not?!? I not so ..!

The pizza pumpkin, one of my favorites!


You may not know, but a wrong pillow can contribute to skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles. The problem concerns the classic pillowcase linen and cotton, whose fabric rubs the skin of the face for at least six hours a night, forming folds and leaving signs that, in the long run, it can turn into wrinkles.


E ‘therefore preferable to use silk pillowcases or satin, as these materials, being soft and delicate, respecting more the skin and reduce the risk of formation of wrinkles.

Also important hygiene: pillowcases accumulate dirt, sebum, dead skin cells, bacteria, and therefore potentially (if not changed at least once a week) can encourage the creation of imperfections.


I know that everyone has their own favorite position for sleeping, and that probably will not give up for anything in the world, but I must warn you about some of the drawbacks that derive …


You must know that sleeping on your tummy, and then with his face splattered on the pillow or on the sheet, it can speed up the process of formation of wrinkles: these habits are affected collagen and elasticity of the skin! While obviously sleeping on his stomach and older is the best way to protect your skin!

A solution for those who can not give up this habit can be the pillow-shaped C, which prevents you from constant rubbing of the face!


You know those nights when we huddled in the warmth of your bed, you appisolate quietly … and then you wake up sweaty, with the desire to throw away the sheets and dry mouth that even in the desert in mid-August ?? How do you think is your skin in this situation ?! I’ll tell you: hurt as much as you!


Turn on the heaters can make the environment comfortable and pleasant your sleep, but when the temperature rises a bit ‘too much of a good night can turn into a nightmare … and in the morning you and your skin will be anything but rest! In the same way the skin is affected much even air conditioning, which dehydrates the lot: avoid excess, especially when you sleep and you-Long exposed to this kind of “bad weather” .. your skin will thank you!


The sources of light in the room, they are the first rays of the sun or the glow of the moon, or even worse, the lighting of the cell, can interfere with sleep, making the skin tired in the morning!

Sleep in the dark is very important for our biological rhythms and the famous REM that allows our skin to recover fully from everyday stress.


Yes, I know girls, in front of this error we are all a bit ‘guilty: someone falls asleep with the TV on, who does’ a ride on Instagram or Facebook, who smessaggia with boyfriend on Whatsup, those who worked until very late with laptop and collapses with his hands still on the keyboard …
As I already mentioned in the post on the side effects resulting from the abuse of smartphones, there are studies that have shown that technological efforts do before going to sleep rather than relax and unwind can hinder the release of melatonin (the hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle): in this way our brain remains active, is not able to completely surrender and enter into the pre-sleep that is essential for a good rest and wake up with a skin on top! We should therefore avoid the “techno-stress” at least before going to bed, and if you can, remove the phone from our bed: both because it can be a source of light is due to the electromagnetic field that is created … anything but healthy! Definitely better a bit ‘of relaxing background music that takes effect lullaby … or a good book!

… About George Martin … raise your hand if you’re in withdrawal symptoms from GoT and would like a post on the throne of swords!


The last error affects the quantity and quality of your sleep! You can buy the products for the most renowned night, sleeping on mattresses doc, with expensive pillows and pillowcases of fine silk, drink a lot to avoid dehydration … but none of this will be crucial if you do not sleep enough hours and serenely!

Daiii we go to sleep, it’s late!

As I said, at night our skin “care” and heal from trauma and damage suffered during the day, but to complete this process takes only a few hours of sleep! It takes at least 7/8 to wake up with a radiant, smooth and repaired and a face rested … and amused! 🙂


Obviously does not count only the quantity but also the quality of sleep: sleep stressed, anxious, tense, worried about the next day is not exactly the best for the welfare of our skin and our …! I know it is not easy, because it is precisely when we are in bed, and a long day is over, that we are left to deal with our thoughts, good or bad they are …
The advice is to spend the minutes before bedtime to total relaxation, free our minds from the thoughts ugliest and fill it with those beautiful and positive, perhaps meditating for a few minutes: just close your eyes and just listen to your breath you will see … then it will be easier to sleep like a baby, and wake up with a radiant skin!

Well girls, this one-error is over … what do you think? Do you have any bad habit evening / night? Something you surprised? How do you sleep?


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