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Monthly Archives: January 2015

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Makeup for green eyes

Green eyes are rare. Master-class makeup for green eyes can help you do even more visible your uniqueness, rarity and beauty. What could be more beautiful bright cat-like green eyes? Only need to be able to enhance the depth of color. Makeup for green eyes

Avon is a new lipstick Weightlessness

Cosmetics company Avon has created a new, almost imperceptible lipstick weightlessness. Avon is a new lipstick Weightlessness © Avon Invariable attribute of femininity has always been and will lipstick. It creates a special, expressive image, makes us more confident and attractive. Therefore, it is important

The best remedy for wrinkles?

The appearance of wrinkles caused by repeated contractions of facial muscles happens to everyone. Over time, subtle eye wrinkles caused by these overactive facial expressions, can turn into a permanent grimace adding years to your face. One solution that has continued to grow in popularity and