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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Terms of makeup remover

At a first glance, removing the makeup is simple enough mater. However, the wrong approach to this issue can be worst for the appearance and health as well as. If a woman does not consider it necessarily to wash off the makeup before going to

How to make hair smooth

If you want to straighten your hair, use a curling iron to straighten the hair. You can get hair straightening themselves by following these simple tips. Here are the things you will need:  1. Dryer power 1200-1500 Watt, which is easy to hold in your

Try Out New Looks with the Makeup App

Those of us who love our makeup understand the feeling of running into an item that looks like it’s the missing piece of our makeup kits. Whether it’s a new mineral-based foundation or the perfect shade of lipstick, there’s always that one thing that you