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Try Out New Looks with the Makeup App


Virtual Makeover

Those of us who love our makeup understand the feeling of running into an item that looks like it’s the missing piece of our makeup kits. Whether it’s a new mineral-based foundation or the perfect shade of lipstick, there’s always that one thing that you hesitate to get because you can never be sure how good it looks on you until you get it. If you’re in the mall looking for makeup, this really isn’t a problem, because you can always ask for a sampler, right? Wrong, because some studies show that those samplers can be incredibly unsafe! Whether you’re shopping online or in the mall, not being able to try on a product before buying it can be a serious setback.

Luckily, our phones can now take away most of the hassle of trying to find new makeup products to invest in. Gaming Realms, parent company of Spin Genie, says that growth in the mobile internet industry is among the strongest trends in the internet landscape to date, and as such, many companies have taken to the mobile platform to start promoting their products, and they’ve teamed up with app developers to help get their names out there. One of the results of such a partnership is Makeup, a makeover app that turns your photos into canvasses on which you can try out hundreds of different looks.


Virtual makeover Effect

The free version comes pre-packed with several choices of hairstyles, shades of lipstick and eyeshadow, and different mascara styles as well. To use it, all you need to do is upload a photo of yourself – or take a new one – to the app, tell the app where the key points of your face are (those would be your eyebrows, eyes, and mouth), and it’ll do the rest. You can adjust the intensity of foundation and concealer you put on your face, and even the waves of the virtual hairdos you’re trying on. It’s certainly a marvelous app all in itself.

The paid version of the app comes with more choices of hair and makeup, and the app is updated often. Thanks to Makeup, you can see which products work for you and which might make you look aged! Of course, there are many other makeover apps out there. What are some that you like to use? Have you tried Makeup before? How did you find the experience? Let us know!

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