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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Golden Makeup

Golden shadow chooses depending on your eyes, hair and skin tone. To create this makeup to nothing at all: bronze powder, golden shadow and lip gloss. Tanned young ladies bronze powder can be applied to the entire face – the main Maybelline NY makeup artist

Beauty tips from Darya Subbotina

Dasha Subbotin began her career on the radio “Echo of Moscow”, has traveled halfway around the world with the program “Around the World” … All successful and looks good. In this article, she shared her beauty secrets. Always in the way: I work almost every

Beauty secrets from around the world

Beauty Secrets from Japan Japanese women are renowned for their long, glossy hair and Greek – bright olive complexion. But what is the secret of their beauty? Put your passport, you will not have to go anywhere to find out!  Beauty Secrets from Australia Beauty

Beauty of Hairstyle & Makeup

Cream makeup Fashionable in this season of intoxicating wine shades moved from the catwalk in casual and evening make-up. If to choose and combine the Bordeaux color, they won’t make the lips look rather pretentious, tired, but, on the contrary, will underline the expressive depth