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Measure your Bra

measuresBrassier known popularly as bra, is essentially to cover and support breasts of a woman. Bra has straps on the two sides of the shoulder, cups to take in the breasts, a panel in the center, a band which holds the cups under the breasts, and a hook or fastener to closely hold the brassier


Measuring a bra size is not a one time affair. Since your body is continually changing, your breasts will also change in size almost continuously. Maybe every year you have re-measure. You will be surprised to find the changes in your size.

Now on to the measuring methods
Find the correct fitting bra</STRONG> is important. Many women continue to wear wrong sized bras. To ensure you have your bra size correct, look out for following

Strapless bras are liked by some women because they see the straps as some kind of obstruction. A strapless bra relieves you of the botheration of straps peeping out, or slipping down.

Because of the media, every one of us is trying pose as somebody which they are not. While big is beautiful, small things are not to be ignored. Many women who have small breasts are pressurized by their peers and feel one must have large breasts to go with the Joneses. Several creams and moisturizes make the breasts look firmer, and bring a better appearance to the bust.

The present day bras are an improvement over our ancestral brassieres, but continue to be delicate attires. Most of our bras have instructions on washing them.

If you wear bras larger than your breasts, not only these are costly, but also reduce your attractiveness. This is one of the reasons for women to keep away from buying their bras from shopping malls. Since the bra should feel like your second skin, if you haven’t got the correct size, you will face lot of inconvenience throughout the day. Your bra size is likely to change over time.

Perfect measurement of bra is one that doesn’t cause you any discomfort. The cups slide the fleshy portions of the breasts easily and remain intact; the nipples don’t show up, the fit is perfect.

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