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Could snake venom skin care be the new “it” beauty item?







Get results without
the bite

Skin care fads are constantly evolving in Hollywood and a new trend is fast approaching. Snake venom is said to fight the aging process and is predicted to be the start of a new beauty revolution.

If you’re sick of constantly having to inject your face with toxic chemicals and formulas to keep your skin looking young, then snake venom skin care products might be your new saving grace.

Why snake venom?

While you probably think of snake venom as harmful, it actually can produce anti-aging benefits when applied topically to the skin. Some have even said the results are better than Botox! Through years of research, it was found that snake venom temporarily inhibits muscle activity, which prevents and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Who would have thought to incorporate such a lethal substance into your skin care routine? Well, several years ago Israel and Nate Dakar, creators and co-founders of Sonya Dakar Skincare, discovered the benefits of temple viper venom. Yes, they studied the effects of real cobra viper venom, but have no fear — snakes were not harmed during the process.

Is it safe to use?

After years of research and development, Sonya Dakar Skincare produced a synthetic version, a.k.a. “syn-ake,” a harmless synthetic tripeptide that mimics the effects of snake venom when applied on the skin.

We asked Sonya Dakar Skincare’s Beauty Director, Sarah Dakar, why people should choose to use products with snake venom in them over other anti-aging formulas.

“While everyone has different skin care needs, our exclusive MicroVenom formula is ideal for individuals looking to incorporate a preventive and/or restorative anti-aging component into their skin care regimen. Choosing skin care products with “syn-ake” may prove to be a viable alternative to invasive procedures like lasers, Botox or Juvederm. Our MicroVenom technology includes nine anti-aging ingredients, helping cells from all angles. ”

It is recommended to have a consultation with a skin care specialist before use, but the synthetic snake venom is engineered to be completely safe and harmless.

Is it really better than Botox?

With Botox, you have to get frequent injections to maintain results. Snake venom, on the other hand, is painless and relatively hassle-free, making it an easy step to add into your skin care regimen to achieve the same results. After about three weeks of consistent application, users should notice a dramatic difference in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This new skin care miracle has even slithered its way onto the faces of Hollywood’s hottest celebs such as India.Arie, Josh Duhamel and Fergie, who are already fans of this fake facelift frenzy.

Whether you’re a young fresh-faced beauty or just looking for a new product to spice up your daily routine, snake venom skin care products might be the perfect beauty secret for you!