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How to Apply Lip Color

Lip color can make your lips look sensuous, provocative and appealing. It makes the mouth look more inviting and expressive. Using Lip Color Soft, supple and healthy lips are pre-requisite to enhance the magical effect of the lip-color. So round the year you need to

Seven More Makeup Tips

To get the sheer look you want from your foundation apply with a sponge. You can get better coverage if you apply it with your fingertips. Professional makeup tip: use a makeup brush to both apply and blend the foundation perfectly. For a dewy finish,

How to Do Makeup Foundation

Use a sheer foundation and take care to match the color to your skin tone. You can always seek assistance from your local department store cosmetics counter. Apply illuminator to create youthful and dewy appearance to your skin. Skin illuminator cosmetics can be found in

How to Do Your Powder Makeup

Use concealer over any blemishes or discolored spots. You should only do this after you have applied your foundation to conserve your concealer. Concealer should only be applied to the spots you wish to conceal. Once applied use a makeup wedge to blend the concealer

How to Makeup Your Cheeks

Start with your brow. Apply a light makeup powder just below the brow and on the highest part of the cheeks. This will highlight your brow and cheekbones accentuating the shape of your face. Use a small amount of blush on the fullest part of

How to Makeup Your Eyes

Start by lining your eyes. Gently pull your closed eyelid to the side and use a soft black or brown liner to line your eye. To get a different look apply liner to the upper lid with very light strokes. Blend with an angle brush.

Laser Hair removal tips

Laser hair removal has become the #1 popular permanent hair removal method, because it is easy, almost pain-free, and gives you lasting results. You can remove your hair in all parts of your body using laser. That’s why men and women are becoming more involved

Public Hair removal

Pubic hair removal is now a matter of concern for both men and women. For hygiene reasons alone many individuals choose to remove unwanted body hair in the pubic area, hence, the search for the best pubic hair removal method. Waxing is one very popular

Armpit Hair removal

How To Get Rid of Armpit Hair: Hairy armpits can be quite bothersome, especially to women. Aside from being unsightly, the moist condition of the armpit together with the presence of hair also makes it more favorable for the growth of body odor-causing bacteria. Nobody

Permanent Hair removal Methods

Electrolysis: Electrolysis is a process of removing hair by the galvanic method (chemical means). The chemical substance formed at the tip of the needle permanently destroy the roots of the hair by electricity .   Thermophiles: This is a relatively new method of removing hair.