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The 10 errors manicures

Hello beauties ! Aaaaah manicure, our blessing! Who does not dream of having clean hands? Who has never felt super proud watching their little hands at the moment when the nails are all beautiful lined with enamel perfectly straight, without a shadow of cuticles and

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2014: A Year of Great Style

Hello beauties !! Today and ‘the day of the Golden Globe, the first of the media events of the year paving the way for an Oscar and, like any self-respecting red carpet, dictate the first fashion and beauty trends of the year. Let’s see Valentina



Hello girls! During the Christmas season there is always a party, dinner or evening with friends to attend and Emergency dress is every time around the corner! Today we decided to dedicate a post to clothing holidays, to give you some inspiration on how to


Surviving Christmas thanks to make-up: the complete kit!

Hello girls!Christmas, colored lights, the tree, the crib, the cake, gifts to buy and wrap, relatives, friends, dinners, parties, champagne … as always this is one of the most beautiful period of ‘year, but it is undeniably one of the most stressful! Today I want


The color of 2015 seconds Pantone: The Marsala!

Hello girls!I Is ending the year of Radiant Orchid and is about to begin … the year of Marsala! No, I swear that the scallops have nothing to do: Marsala is the color that Pantone has chosen “Color of the Year” for 2015. And, I


10 mistakes that make you look aged !

Hello girls! Did you happen to find yourself in a traumatic situation in which there is given a few more years? And tell me what you thought “Oh my God I’m getting old! we will exit out a wrinkle !? Heck, We knew that I