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Skincare Tips To Look Younger

As much as we like to keep the steps in our skin care routine to a minimum, we’re not willing to sacrifice our skin for the sake of saving time. Most products that seems unnecessary can be eschewed, true—but there are some products that seem

Men Turn Back Time With Anti-Aging Skincare

Here’s a collection of 5 men’s skincare tips that will help you look younger for longer. To young men, anti-aging skincare might seem unimportant. So, don’t concern yourself with anti aging, but do concern yourself with healthy skincare. Avoid skincare that has ingredients that are

“Marvelous” Skin Cream Shocks Shark Tank

CRESTON, Mont. (AP) — Maranda Johnson stood on the stepladder, nine months pregnant, and poured a trickle of water from a huge jug into the vat. Next to her, her husband Michael Johnson operated a 1-horsepower mixer, emulsifying the collection of organic oils and water

Why your bra straps slip ?

1. The elastic is the first thing to “relax” on a bra. The elastic of your straps, while it’s not supposed to hold all the weight of your breasts, it’s the one part designed to give the most so it stretches after a short time.

Bust Care Tips

Having saggy breast is very common, especially in women who have large breasts and who are aged. Adding to the problem, hormonal changes – both during pregnancy and as you reach menopause – make breasts sag even more. You can choose to carry out a

How bras are linked to breast cancer ?

Many people say that bras causing breast cancer is just a myth. It is true that bras do not cause breast per se, but ill-fitting, too tight bras can help cancer growth since they can prevent your body from excreting dangerous cancer-causing chemicals. And, as

How to Give a Massage

Breast massage can be a relaxing experience that you can have performed on you, or that you can perform on yourself in the privacy of your own home. Along with being relaxing and pleasurable, breast massage can improve the blood flow and drain excess lymph

Measure your Bra

Brassier known popularly as bra, is essentially to cover and support breasts of a woman. Bra has straps on the two sides of the shoulder, cups to take in the breasts, a panel in the center, a band which holds the cups under the breasts,

Makeup Tips & Toes for Working Women

1. Working women must try and avoid eyeliner because as the day wears out, the eyeliner too tends to fade out. If one still wants to go for it, apply a thin layer with water underneath so that instead of breaking down, the liner turns